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nautical Oyster


Rolex unveiled a series of new-generation models this year but easily one of the standout models is the Yacht-Master with Oysterflex Bracelet Rolex in black and 18 ct Everose gold version. The nautical Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master, fitted exclusively with the innovative Oysterflex bracelet developed and patented by Rolex. This technical bracelet combines in a singular way the robustness and reliability…
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Greubel Forsey presented a new version of the award winning tourbillon 24 Seconds Vision in a red gold case at the recently concluded SIHH in Geneva. The watch is housed in a sapphire dome carved out on the timepiece’s display back, which forms a subtle vertical asymmetry. This timepiece is refined with its enamelled indications on the solid gold dial,…
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symbolizing purity


The purity of design that we see in concept cars is sadly missing in the production models that hit the roads. If ever there was one Mercedes-Benz concept car that we would love to see on the roads – it would have to be the “Concept IAA” (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile). It is essentially two cars rolled into one – an…
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motor sport watches


The Oris Williams Collection is a new collection of motor sport watches produced in honour of one of the most iconic teams in Formula 1, which is sponsored by the brand. For the first time an entire collection has been dedicated to bring the synergies between the two partners to life. The new watches have been developed to reflect the…
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stunningly unique


Luxury car maker Bentley and bespoke coach-building division, Mulliner, have teamed up with high-performance audio manufacturer Monster to create a stunningly unique automobile. The Monster-inspired “Monster by Mulliner – a show-stopping Bentley Continental GT V8 S is a bespoke vehicle that will inspire those who want a ride with a bold look and incredible audio performance designed by Monster. Monster’s…
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natural progression


Never ones to rest on their laurels, ArtyA  have pulled out the design stops with their new Skull & Bones, a natural progression from their dalliance with the skull. The independent brand began the skull trend in the watchmaking world and their latest model shows off cleverly hand sculpted skulls that stud the entire watch from dial through case to…
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Spectacular Feat


Challenger Deep refers to the deepest known spot beneath the oceans i.e. 10,916 meters until 1960 which was explored by Swiss explorer Jacques Piccard and US Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh for the very first time aboard the Trieste bathyscaphe. Emile Chouriet pays tribute to this spectacular feat, by naming their first sports watch Challenger Deep. This timepiece combines functionality and…
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turbocharged engine


Global sales of the BMW i8 exceeded the combined figure of all other hybrid sports cars produced by other manufacturers combined i.e. 5,456. The i8, which is powered by the combination of a three-cylinder turbocharged engine and an electric drive system, was the best-selling hybrid worldwide in 2015. BMW i8 is set to add further sparkle to its appeal with…
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iconic masterpiece


An ultimate gift for the seagoing adventurer is the AC-One 45 Tides watch from Corum. The watch comes with a reworked design and an all-new image 21 years after its initial launch, this iconic masterpiece from Corum confirms the maison’s solid nautical moorings. The AC-One 45 Tides remains a unique complication in the world of haute horology with its mechanical…
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Legendary Octo


While black is often said to be slimming, this watch from Bvlgari is not at all about optical illusions. More than ever inspired by the creative strength of Italian design and Swiss technical expertise, the legendary Octo combines the world’s thinnest mechanical tourbillon movement with an opulent contemporary black exterior proving that black is beautiful from the inside and outside.…

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